Hotel Saturno Chianciano Terme The HOTEL SATURNO was built and has been run for over 40 years by the Frizzi family It is located in the heart of Chianciano Terme, in a central and panoramic position less than 300 metres far from the Thermal complexes.
We are in one of the most beautiful areas in Tuscany between two valleys with breathtaking sceneries, Val di Chiana and Val d' Orcia, among small charming villages on the top of hills, vineyards and olive groves, and very close to impressive towns like Pienza, Montepulciano, Cortona, Orvieto and Montalcino, all rich in history, art and culture. Here the landscape strikesthe visitor for its particular range of colours, the intense green of the gentle hills, the light blue of Montepulciano and Chiusi lakes, the dark brown shades of the thick oak treewoods .
The particular geographicHotel Saturno Chianciano Terme position of Chianciano Terme makes of this city the best starting point for a number of trips and excursions not only to very famous towns like Siena, Arezzo,Perugia, Viterbo but also to less known places such as Farneta, Monte Oliveto, S. Antimo and S. Galgano abbeys, the castles of Radicofani and Gargonza.
The many villages and fields in the area are connected with a myriad of bicycle paths and walking trails far from the city traffic to enjoy a direct contact with nature and explore the land. Cars, motorbikes and bicycles can be hired at the Hotel.


 This city can trace its history back to the 5th century BC and the Etruscans, who had built a temple dedicated to the god of Good Health, close to the Silene springs where Chianciano Spa stands today.

The curative power of Chianciano's waters Hotel Chianciano Termewas already known during Roman times, as Horace visited the area on the advice of his physician, Antonio Musa, during the 1st century BC and benefited from it.

Luxurious Roman villas were built near the thermal baths, like those which have been found near Mezzomiglio and Le Caramelle.
In the 12th and 13th centuries the city belonged to the Manenti Counts, Lords of Sarteano.
Its position close to the Via Francigena ( the medieval main  connection from France to Rome ) fostered Hotel Chianciano Termeits development and Chianciano reached a degree of judicial autonomy by 1287 when it established its own statutes.
In the 14th century the cities of Orvieto and Siena contended for it until in 1347 it became part of the Repubblica Senese.

The modern development of Chianciano is due to the exploitation of its numerous water springs that with their particular therapeutic qualities invite the tourist to a relaxing stay in the hotels of our thermal centre.

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