Healthful properties of Chianciano waters :

ACQUA SANTA is considered a thermal water as its temperature keeps constantly at 33 C.
It is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach for a period of at least 12 days.
It is recommended in the treatment of :
- Dyspepsia of gastroenteric or biliary origin
- Biliary calculosis associated with a therapy based on biliary acids
- Prolongued drug therapies
- Obesity, diabetes, dyslepidemia
- After-effects of surgery to the bile ducts

ACQUA FUCOLI springs out at a temperature of 16.5 C.
It must be taken in the afternoon, once the digestive process has been completed.
It is employed for :
- Digestive disorders
- Irritable bowel syndrome with obstinate constipation
- Prevention of osteoporosis

ACQUA SILLENE is a thermal mineral water, it comes from the same area of Acquasanta water and springs out at 38.5 C .
It is recommended for:

- Preparation ( maturation ) of Sillene mud
- CO 2 Balneotherapy

The hydrotherapeutic treatments with Acqua Sillene are used for :

- Liver and bile ducts ( mud treatment of the hepatic area and balneotherapy after a
idrionic therapy
- Cardio-vascular system ( CO 2 balneotherapy )
- Muscular and skeletal system ( total or partial mud therapy for arthritis and rheumatism )

Acquasanta, Fucoli and Sillene waters are classified as bicarbonate – sulphate.- calcic waters

ACQUA SANTISSIMA is a hypothermal water which springs out at 24 C.
It is used for inhalation treatments and aerosol therapy.
It has therapeutic effects for the treatment of chronic inflammatory affections ( rhinitis, sinusitis, rinotitis)

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